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Modern problems of science and education. Surgery
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Instructions for Authors

«Modern problems of science and education. Surgery» publishes translated articles from Russian journal «Modern problems of science and education». Manuscripts should be sent to the Editorial Board of the journal «Modern problems of science and education» by email or by service “Personal Portfolio” on the website Full instructions for authors are available on the website too.

The journal publishes editorial and original articles, reports from practice and analytical reviews in the field of surgery. All articles are peer-reviewed in a double-blinded process. All articles are checked for originality.

The editors translate the texts of articles, abstracts and keywords into English independently and at their own expense. The list of Reference used in Latin is also formed by the editors. The results are consistent with the authors.

Authors are required to send a complete package of documents to the editorial office at once:

  1. Manuscript;
  2. Scanned copy of the cover letter;
  3. Scanned copy of the expert opinion.



1.1. The article must be create in a single file in Microsoft Office Word, А4 format, portrait orientation, without dividing text into columns.

1.2. The structure of the article should include: UDC (The Universal Decimal Classification), title of the article, names and information about authors, name of the institution on the basis of which the study was carried out, abstract, keywords (in Russian and in English), brief introduction, objective, material and methods of research, results of the study and their discussion, conclusions, references. The following signs are not allowed in the titles of articles: message 1, 2, part 1, 2 etc.


1.3.1. The Universal Decimal Classification – When preparing the article, it is necessary to specify the code of the UDC according to the tables of the Universal Decimal Classification available in libraries or by using the Internet resource

1.3.2. The title of the article must meet the following requirements:

  • Title of scientific article should be informative;
  • Only commonly accepted abbreviations can be used in the title of the article;
  • In the translation of the title into English, there should be no transliterations from Russian language, except for the non-transferable names, instruments and other objects with their own names; Non-transferable slang known only to Russian speakers is also should not be used.

These requirements also apply to the abstract and keywords.

1.3.3. The abstract should be formatted as follows: Font type – Times New Roman, Font size – 10, bold text, line spacing should be set at 1. Word Count – 150-250 words (250 words is a maximum amount). The abstract should contain the subject of the article, information about the main objectives and results of the research.

1.3.4. Key words: 5-8 words or phrases.

1.3.5. Formatting of the main text of the manuscript:

- Font type – Times New Roman

- Font size – 12

- Fields: left, right, top, bottom – 2 cm, similar fields are used when placing tables, diagrams, figures and references.

- The length of the article should be at least 8 pages (the text of the article, excluding the references and abstract, should be at least 6 pages). Short messages of 3-6 pages are not accepted for publication.

- Tables should contain only the necessary data and should be summarized and statistically processed materials. Each table needs to have a name and should be inserted into the text after the paragraph with the first reference to it. Tables should be prepared in an editable format (should be designed on MS Word).

- Figures: the amount of graphic material should be minimal (maximum amount of figures is 5). Each figure must have a signature (under the figure) that gives the name of the figure and an explanation of all its elements. The figures can be presented in the following formats: tif, .bmp, .jpeg, .wmf, .cdr; diagrams and graphs – .xls, .xlsx (designed on MS Excel).

- Formulas must be dialed using the formula editor (Microsoft Word Formula Editor, MathType)

1.3.6. References in the text of the article must be formatted in square brackets [].If a reference is made to a specific part of the text of the document, the reference indicates the sequence number and pages of the quoted source, the information is separated by a comma, for example [10, p. 81]. A single reference of the type [1,2,3] can include to no more than three sources.

The list of references should not include sources that cannot be verified (materials of local conferences, collected papers, methodological recommendations, etc., that are not freely available on the Internet). At the end of the list of references authors can indicate the DOI (if any) is provided.

1.3.7. Samples of articles and reference formatting are available on the website


The cover letter should be processed on a simple white paper or on the paper document with the blank of the organization.

The cover letter should contain information about all authors of the article and needs to be signed by all authors.

The cover letter must contain the following text:

This letter guarantees that the publication of the scientific article «TITLE OF THE ARTICLE», NAMES OF THE AUTHORS in the journal «Modern Problems of Science and Education» (publication of the translated article in the journal «Modern Problems of Science and Education. Surgery») does not violate anyone’s copyright.

The author(s) transfers for an unlimited period to the founder of the journal non-exclusive rights to use the scientific article by posting full-text network versions of the issues on the Internet website of the journal.

The author(s) is responsible for the illegal use in the scientific article of intellectual property objects, copyright objects in full accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

The author(s) confirms that the article has not been published anywhere before, has not been sent or will not be sent for publication to other scientific publishing houses.

The author(s) agrees that if violations of the ethics of scientific publications are detected after the publication of the article, a retraction procedure may be applied to it.

The author(s) agrees to processing of the personal data, namely: a surname, a given name, a middle name, an academic degree, an academic status, a position, the place(s) of work and/or training, contact information on the place of work and/or training, for publication of the submitted article in the scientific journal.

The author(s) guarantees that the materials of the submitted article do not contain information constituting a State, commercial or other secret protected by the legislation, and that author (s) are independently responsible for the content of such information in the article.

The author(s) agrees with the rules for the preparation of the manuscript for publication approved by the editorial office of the journal «Modern Problems of Science and Education», published and posted on the official website of the journal.


 The expert opinion needs to be prepared in the institution (organization) on the basis of which the study was carried out and should contain information that the author's work can be published in open press and does not contain classified information. The document should be signed by the head of the institution or his deputy; the signature should be certified with a seal. For non-residents of the Russian Federation, an expert opinion is not required.


4.1. Articles that violate the Rules for Authors are not considered by the editors.

4.2. Only one article of the author can be published in one issue of the journal.

4.3. Journal "Modern Problems of Science and Education. Surgery" is published at the founder's own expense. Selection, translation, publication of the article is free for the author.

4.4. Presenting the text of the work for publication in the journal, the author guarantees the correctness of all information about himself, the absence of plagiarism and other forms of illegal borrowing in the manuscript of the work, the proper design of all borrowings of text, tables, diagrams, illustrations. The authors of published materials are responsible for the selection and accuracy of the facts, quotes, statistics and other information given.

4.5. The editorial board is not responsible for the reliability of the information provided by the authors. The author, sending the manuscript to the Editors, accepts personal responsibility for the originality of the study, instructs the Editors to publish the work through its publication in print. Plagiarism is the deliberate appropriation of authorship of someone else's work of science, thoughts, art or invention. Plagiarism may be a violation of copyright law and patent law, as such may entail legal liability of the Author.

4.6. The author guarantees that he has rights to use the submitted the material.

4.7. It is not allowed to submit to the editorial office manuscripts that are sent for publication to other journals.

4.8. Sending materials to the editorial office for publication means the author's consent to the requirements.